10 Best Welding Work Boots in 2022

Many of us are aware that welding is a hazardous occupation, as the sparks produced by this technique can burn your feet or crush them when heavy materials fall. As a result, many welders seek protective footwear that might help them in avoiding major injuries. However, it is difficult to find a welding work boot that … Read more

The 6 Best Cold Weather Work Boots for Winter

Winter is hard, working outdoors is even harder, which is why people that do both have to deal with issues such as: Getting a cold or worst illnesses like trench foot or frostbite Feet numbed by the cold or even frozen (in some extreme cases) by the cold Being constantly stressed because of the cold … Read more

How to Estimate a Construction Project: The Step by Step Guide

What is Cost Estimating? Do you want to learn how to estimate a construction project? You will first need to understand the concept of cost estimating? A very simple way to explain cost estimating is by saying that it consists on translating the components of a construction project into monetary numbers. This amount will later … Read more

Top 5 Best Work Boots For Construction Workers

Are you a construction worker? Are you looking for the best protection for your feet while working at the construction site? In this article, you will find the 5 best work boots for construction workers in the market. There were 4,251 worker fatalities in the private industry in 2014, 874 of those were in the construction industry. … Read more

10 Best Work Boots For Plantar Fasciitis in 2022

There are many problems related to finding the best work boots for plantar fasciitis. To name a few, most current work boots: don’t offer the necessary shock absorption or feet support needed to fight the consequences of plantar fasciitis are manufactured with low-quality materials which is the main reason why they break after a few … Read more

The Best Work Boots For Mechanics | 2022 Guide + 6 Reviews

There are various issues with today’s work boots for mechanics, such as: Low-quality materials that substantially reduce the lifespan of work boots Non-ergonomic designs that make the work boots uncomfortable Bulky and heavy components that make work boots really uncomfortable and heavy for mechanics Lack of protective features to keep mechanics safe from getting their … Read more

Best Looking Steel Toe Boots | 2022 Guide + 4 Reviews

Steel toe work boots are the most protective type of footwear in the market. They offer so many safety features that you wouldn’t believe. We are talking about: Steel toe. Rubber Outsole for slip, abrasion and oil resistance. Tough and durable leather that is puncture resistant. Those features are really great for achieving high protection … Read more

10 Best Work Boots For Concrete in 2022

Workers must deal with lots of problems when working on concrete such as: Hard impacts on feet and knees due to walking or standing all day on concrete Inflammed joints and muscles due to lack of rest that walking all day on concrete generates Injuries due to falling or slipping on concrete Busted work boots … Read more