10 Best Lineman Work Boots | 2022 Guide

There are serious problems for people looking for the best lineman work boots. I mean, most lineworker boots nowadays are: very bulky and uncomfortable to use not protective enough (considering the risks a lineman puts himself under) more expensive than they should be (some of them are $300+) manufactured with low-quality materials Due to this, I … Read more

How to Estimate a Construction Project: The Step by Step Guide

What is Cost Estimating? Do you want to learn how to estimate a construction project? You will first need to understand the concept of cost estimating? A very simple way to explain cost estimating is by saying that it consists on translating the components of a construction project into monetary numbers. This amount will later … Read more

Best Looking Steel Toe Boots | 2022 Guide + 4 Reviews

Steel toe work boots are the most protective type of footwear in the market. They offer so many safety features that you wouldn’t believe. We are talking about: Steel toe. Rubber Outsole for slip, abrasion and oil resistance. Tough and durable leather that is puncture resistant. Those features are really great for achieving high protection … Read more

Watch These Construction Workers Send An Incredible Message To This Little Girl To Up Her Hopes.. I’m Crying Now!

Us construction workers are famous for being tough and no-nonsense talking people. We are hardworking and we sometimes are mistaken for being cold in the most emotional situations. Well, let me tell you that if you think like this, after watching this video you will not only change your mind but also you will think … Read more